Can I Learn To Drive Traffic To My Website?

Can I To To My ?

I know… in today’s busy society, who has the time to drive traffic? of us are just trying to make a few extra dollars to keep our heads above water. Well friends, I am here to tell you that there are methods to drive traffic that anyone can do. Best of all these methods are time efficient and inexpensive. The methods are: traffic and forums. Individually each method will , but combining both methods can make it possible to drive significant traffic to your site. Now it is not going to happen over night; but if you stick with it, it will happen.

Generally speaking, traffic exchanges are or relatively inexpensive. To make a traffic exchange worth while, your goal should be to create five-thousand or more credits and run multiple ads. Yes, creating this many credits can become a little time consuming. The way to get around this is to purchase them or upgrade to pro status. Recruiting members into traffic exchanges also earns you extra credits. The only problem here is that you will not be able to directly recruit the majority of the people that view your ads because most of them are already members of the traffic exchange. There are three ways to solve this, one is to join more than one exchange and cross advertise, another is to advertise your primary business the traffic exchange and then expose your recruits to the method that you used to recruit them (also known as building a list), and the third is to use a viral traffic exchange program that combines many exchanges under one umbrella. These programs are great because they can simultaneously create many credits in multiple traffic exchanges.

Forums, like traffic exchanges, are also free. You can find a great deal of them by doing a search on your favorite search engine. Just type in the word ‘forum’ and you will see what I mean. There are thousands of forums out there on the net. Once you have done your search and found a few that you like, you simply sign up, create a sig file and begin to naturally contribute to the forum conversations. This will create exposure for your website. To maximize this exposure, it is a good idea to post at least five posts per day. A great thing to remember about forums is that your posts are on the board for the life of the forum. So, many years from now, you may recruit a person from a post that you posted yesterday.

Driving traffic to your site is not easy but it is worth it. So if it seems that your traffic driving methods are not working, stick with them. With a little patience and persistence, you will surprise yourself with the amount of traffic that you can drive to your site.

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