How To Make A Gazillion Dollars With Google Adsense

How To Make A With

Are your AdSense results a little disappointing? Do you read of others making more money with fewer visitors and clicks than your sites get?

You can make more money with AdSense by learning and using the principles I am about to present. If you aren’t satisfied with the results you are from AdSense, there are some simple things you can do to improve your earnings.

I’ve been working with Google AdSense for a year or so, and I’ve read a lot of messages and ebooks about improving my AdSense income.

I’ve tried a lot of the ideas offered by the gurus, and have come to the following conclusions. I know they can help you make more money with AdSense.

You earn AdSense revenue by displaying web pages with your AdSense ads embedded in the pages. When your visitors click on the ads, Google pays you for the click.

It helps to develop a set of principles for maximizing your AdSense earnings.

The number one principle is to offer useful value to your visitors. The same principles that will help you earn more with AdSense, will help you improve the experience for your visitors.

For sites, visitors will come in thru a search engine, or a link to a specific page. In that sense, each page is a site to the visitor. There should be information on that page that gives the visitor a quick idea what the site is about, and whether it will reward him/her/it as a visitor.

Think like a visitor, not like the web site author. Stop for a moment and mentally put yourself in your visitor’s shoes.

The page visitor is most likely coming from a search engine click. They are looking for specific information, and want to know if this is the page that will answer their questions. Make the page be about one thing, not a lot of different things.

Help them decide quickly, by using a clean, clear layout with the most important information emphasized by titles and bullet points.

Look at the AdSense ads that are appearing on your web pages. Are the things that are advertised in the ads, interesting and useful to your visitors? If not, your page needs more text that will identify the proper context to the AdSense engine.

Where are the Google AdSense ads on your page? Some should appear when the visitor first sees the page, without having to scroll the page down. Many visitors will not linger very long. Even if your page is not exactly what they are looking for, it is better to have them leave an AdSense ad click, than just hitting the back button on the browser.

Make your ads accessible to the visitor. Ads should be tucked in with the text, not way off on the other site of the page.

It helps to make the text of your page similar to the text of the ads. Using similar fonts and color schemes makes the ads an integral part of the page, not an afterthought.

Google AdSense calculates the value of your page views with a number they call eCPM. This is the amount a thousand page views would be worth, given your click through percentage and the amount your advertisers are paying per click. For example, if your eCPM is .00, then each page view of your page is worth 1 cent. Watch the eCPM of your AdSense reports. to increase this number.

Many web page publishers try to hide the ads or keep them out of the way when they first ad advertising to their pages. Don’t be embarrassed by the ads on your page. Think of them as a service to your readers.

Once you have AdSense working for you, just keep creating more sites, and more pages.

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